Monday, September 14, 2009


I found Terrance browsing through the yarrow a few days ago. He took a pass on some leftover shrimp tails. Yesterday he may have eaten some melon, but I didn't actually see him chow down. Some other critter may have put those nibble marks on the fruit pieces I left out.

Late Saturday afternoon he wandered across the porch in front of the backdoor, something he hasn't done in quite awhile. I think the shorter days and lengthening shadows make the east side of the yard warmer for him in the afternoon. I gave him his periodic weighing. He clocks in at 13.25 oz or 378 g. Seems to be having a good time, mostly in the Hidden Garden or in a burrow at the corner of the house at the very western edge of the Vinca bed.

Last year he dug in for hibernation in the first week of October. The year before he stayed out until late October. I'll be curious how the early fall weather runs this year and where he decides to dig in.

I haven't seen Sally the Salamander since August, but they are reclusive beasts and awfully well camouflaged.