Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cheladonian Weights

I've been remiss in posting to this blog, but I've been steadfast in weighing the turtles.  Trudy and Terrance have had a warm-to-hot summer in the back yard, but they seem to be doing fine. 
We have four seasons of data for Terrance and only late last summer until today for Trudy.  Both are putting on the ounces, which is a good thing because there are only so many weeks left in the season. 

Trudy enjoys people food of all types.  As always, Terrance prefers almost exclusively shrimp and strawberries.   I suspect that Terrance is doing well because he knows the yard so well and can hunt up his own food easily.  Most days he is in one of his burrows by 10:00, having done his early morning foraging. 

Trudy tends to come out while we're watering the garden in the morning and welcomes whatever goodies we put out.  Sometimes she goes for the fruit first; other times she prefers protein.  Either way, she's nowhere near as shy as Terrance. 

Just to close out the blog on a colorful note, here's a recent Hibiscus photo.