Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Introducing Yet Another Blog

I've been developing for the Web since '94 and blogging since '99 (although I didn't know it by that name then). At the moment I've got two blogs going:
  1. Plone Metrics for my Plone advocacy and marketing thoughts, and
  2. Travel Schlepp's Dispatches for my travel and children's tales.
That has left a gap that is now being filled by this series. Here I want to address things biological, horticultural, ecological, and systematic. This is where I'll be posting my thoughts on backyard biology, urban gardening, NM high desert ecology, and systematics of society and culture. I'll even be able to tie in botany, plant anatomy, plant physiology, and growing bonsai.

Stay tuned for items on how Terrance, my resident ornate western box turtle, is doing, how I'm reducing water use in a typical yard in Albuquerque, which birds are passing through, how the bees are bouncing back, and what ecology and systematic biology can tell us about the presidential election process.

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