Friday, October 2, 2009

First Frost

The Weather Service is predicting an early freeze tonight with near record low temperatures here in the Near North Valley. I spent the late afternoon carrying in the tender tropicals and smaller bonsai. Some of the hardier potted plants were ganged up under the back porch and covered with sheets, as were the Hibiscus and Ipomea in the Hidden Garden. I also covered the Coleus and calla lilies in the front courtyard.

We'll just have to wait and see how things turn out. At the moment, the outdoor thermometer in the back shows only 42. Perhaps the cold air pooling hasn't topped our 8' cedar fence and has been stopped in the front yard. Then again, the swimming pool is 25,000 gallons of thermal mass, which certainly helps. Finally, the thermometer is underneath an arbor of thick Wisteria. If the cooling is radiant, then the Wisteria will take a big hit. If its cold air drainage, it might be safe.

Terrance certainly knew something was up--he's been spending more time in the burrow at the east end of the Vinca. This morning he was about 3" deep in the leaf litter. Its the same location as last year's hibernation, so it looks like he's found the perfect spot.

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