Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Turtle Watch 2014

Trudy broke hibernation this week.  She moved from her burrow on the south side of the wall in the Hidden Garden to the hollow, fake rock that covers the sprinkler riser with its heat tape that keeps the pipes from freezing.  She happily ate an ounce or two of leftover roast salmon.  Later she was seen on the east side of the wall near the "rock."  Soil temps are near 62°. Her weight was 614 g or 21.54 oz., her best post-hibernation weight ever. 

Now she's dug in for the evening under my office window near the Wisteria.  This year Trudy is about 2 weeks ahead of last year and the year before.  It'll still be a couple more weeks before the boys break hibernation.

More soon...

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