Wednesday, January 14, 2015

BioPark Distance Learning


Last Thursday I attended my first monthly BioPark volunteer meeting.  Events of the past fall managed to keep me from going to even one of these.  I continue to be amazed at all the activities that they support.   BioVan visits to schools, employee appreciation day, Kadomatsu, Sea Turtle Day, Orangutang Day, Cheetah Day, Story Time in the Garden, Aquarium Overnight, Touchpool tours, etc., etc. 

Distance Learning

I've been corresponding with Cheri V., the Aquarium and Botanic Garden Education Coordinator.  This afternoon we finally met in person and I began to get a feel for their needs and their use cases.  While distance learning can't and shouldn't be a front-line strategy, it has a definite role in helping to build the team for docents and for outreach follow-up.  We're still working through the details of the San Diego Zoo system while I try to riddle out the nuances of Edmodo. 

I also had a few moments for a Google Cardboard show-and-tell.  Definitely a hit for the BioParks STEM efforts.  We spent some time looking at my photo spheres and Jon's.

Finally we took a look at the phrenology notebooks.  The mobile app for the National Phrenology Network will definitely help with reducing data transcription errors and cut down on Cheri's workload.  This Monday I'm looking forward to meeting Ruby and Melinda, two of the current volunteers on this project. 


Expect a Saturday and a Monday post.  I'll be attending Interpretation Training on Saturday and then helping out with phrenology on Monday. 

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