Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Vote for Obama

As you can see, even Frances in her wheelchair is putting out the word for Obama. She's now registered to vote in NM and we're just waiting for her absentee ballot.

The bumper sticker came from a little old fellow full of energy who came into the Eye Associates waiting room during mom's two-hour wait for the doctor last Friday. He waved a handful of stickers, asking if anyone wanted one. No one spoke up. Then he walked around the room and first one person then another took one. In the end he had given half of them away.

I would have to say that Obama bumper stickers outnumber McCain maybe 8 to 1 in Albuquerque. Frances' social worker, who lives a half mile from us, thinks that McCain yard signs outnumber Obama ones. Perhaps its a supply problem. An Obama-Biden sign is now up in a neighbor's yard, but I haven't seen a McCain one in the entire neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Frances was awake when I got home, ate a reasonable dinner (heavy on the mashed potatoes), and then stayed up to watch all two hours of Dancing with the Stars. Kathy has been going through the boxes shipped out from Myrtle Beach. Buddha lamps, Lion King dolls, Fido, and Cousin Middle Schlepp have all come to light.


barbarac said...

Frances is an inspiration to all of us on how to live before we die. Go Obama!

Greek Girl said...

Thrilled to see my Aunt campaigning for Obama!!
She is too cool and I am sure her vote will be the one that will help to change America for the better!
Just love that bumper sticker.
Go Frances!! Go Obama!!