Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Bed--Not So New Photo

Cousin Kathy took this shot of Aunt Frances last Friday in the Hidden Garden. Frances was taking the airs, enjoying the fall flowers. Most prominently, our hibiscus has been blooming promiscuously since early September and seems content to continue until first frost.

Today the AmberCare folks decided her bed wasn't comfortable enough and gave her an upgrade. They delivered a super-duper $5000 foam and air mattress to replace the standard pillow top. With individually controlled air bladders, it cushions feet and legs differently than hips, differently than shoulders. Frances reports that it is much nicer.


barbarac said...

The fairly recent hospice movement in the US is a wonderful way for us to give pallative care to our elders and look forward to for our own deaths. Hospice folks have taken the elephant in the living room called Death and given us a way to talk about it which is comforting to both the dying and their caregivers.
I love Frances' hat! Happy for the new bed.

Schlepp said...

Thanks, B. An article appeared online today about palliative care in hospitals nationwide. There's a link to the full survey. Alas, NM scored a D for palliative care in our hospitals.

None-the-less, AmberCare has been great. We'll see a Nurse's Aide, the nurse, and a social worker on Friday (and maybe the Comcast repair person).