Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday Update on a Tuesday

I'm in Washington, DC for training and a conference on web technologies. In fact, its for Plone the stuff we used for Paul Chilcote's liver transplant follow-up website. This site just uses Blogger because Aunt Frances isn't using the computer directly and we can handle updates, photos, and comments with this quick and simple system.

I spoke with Carolyn last night around 5:30 PM MDT. Kathy was still there--she had worked on organizing Frances' scrapbooking materials. Caro was working on one of several high priority projects for various lawyers.

Shortie had pretty much slept all day after a small breakfast. She was resting comfortably and Caro was expecting to give her a light meal sometime later.


barbarac said...

I think of you all often throughout the day and send you good wishes. thanks, Karl, for making this site available and for taking the time to keep it up to date.

Debbie Haycraft said...

Dear Karl and Caro, what wonderful pictures! Francis and the tons of balloons surrounding her make for a happy sight indeed. My favorite is Caro pointing up to the sky! Or maybe it’s the one of just Francis, smiling with her red lipstick on and lovely large eyes. I’m so glad she had such a wonderful balloon excursion.
With love and warm thoughts ~ Deb