Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday AM Update

We've had a cable TV problem in Frances' room since late Wednesday. Normally this wouldn't be much of deal, since she doesn't watch it much. But last night was the vice-presidential candidates debate. I did manage to hook up our laptop to the TV and rig some speakers to the computer, but Frances pretty much faded out after dinner even though we had the debate running on CNN's website.

When I got home, Caro was making a sauteed shrimp and asparagus pasta. Frances finished off a fairly large portion and Caro had it for dinner, too. Kent and Ric were over for the usual Thursday boy's gaming night and we worked on left-over Rudy's BBQ. While Frances napped, we ate and watched the Palin-Biden debate.

Now its 5:00 AM and all's quiet after a non-eventful night. Looks like the weather will hold for the Balloon Fiesta. Best option is to go over to Debbie's house on Saturday for the 7:00 AM mass ascension. We'll have a good view from about a mile away and the famous Albuquerque box (the special winds we have here) should just about guarantee that some will come close by overhead.

I want to thank all the family and well-wishers who have left comments. We print them and read them to Frances every day. We want to especially thank Inez for making this site accessible to Tilla back in Myrtle Beach.


barbarac said...

Balloon Fiesta is a sight to make the spirit soar; wishing for Frances to see it if she feels up to it. Sorry you will miss it, Karl, know you must be out of town for business.
Can't say Frances missed much by not seeing all of the VP debate. What was new? Palin was cutesy and Biden was knowledgeable, articulate, and statesman-person like. Same old story.

Greek Girl said...

Hope Aunt Shorty will feel up to seeing some of the Balloon Fiesta! Colorful balloons for a colorful person, I am quite sure they will fly high for her!
I would imagine the weather is great this time of the year out there and I hope it continues so Frances can really enjoy her time outside when she is able and feels up to it.
Thinking of you all and missing y'all even more!!
Big kisses and hugs to Franny!

Schlepp said...

Weather for tomorrow's mass ascension is warm, light winds, but cloudy. We're going to camp out early tomorrow at Debbie's house a mile or so west of the launch site and watch what comes over down by the river. Debbie reports that many came directly overhead this morning (Fri).

Re: Travel. I leave around noon Sunday and have sliced two days off the trip. I'll get back around 2:30 PM next Sat.